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Remitano Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform in Singapore

Remitano is an online platform that provides an escrowed P2P crypto marketplace allowing customers to buy and sell cryptocurrency on its platform.


Background Information About Remitano


Founded in 2015, Remitano is a Seychelles-based company that aims to bridge the gap between fiat and cryptocurrencies via peer-to-peer (P2P) trading. Additionally, Remitano offers key features such as instant altcoin investment, coin swaps, and wholesale trading. The platform is built by a team of highly experienced professionals in banking, finance, cryptocurrencies, and software development. Remitano is known widely in Asia and is one of the leading names in the crypto space in Singapore.

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How to login and register a Crypto account at Remitano From Singapore?


Remitano uses a unique approach of password-less login technique, where you will get a secured login link via your registered email instead of the traditional email and password sign-in method. Hence, you only need to keep your email accounts secure without having to remember or expose their passwords in another account.


Why does Remitano use the Password-less method? Remitano believes that the password-less method is more secure than the traditional method of logging in with email and password because if hackers get your email address, they can ask for a new password of a third-party account. So it is safe if users don’t expose their login credentials to a third party.


To register and login at Remitano from Singapore, you need to follow the below instructions:


Step 1: Go to the official website of Remitano, and click on the “Login/Register” button present in the top right corner of the webpage.

Step 2: You’ll be redirected to the login page, where you have to fill in your email address and click on the “Send Link” button. After clicking on it, you will receive a message on-screen with details saying an email has been sent to your email address.

Step 3: Now, open your email inbox and click on the “Log me in Remitano” button in the email you received from Remitano.

Kindly note that the email link will be valid only for 15 minutes and can be used only once.

Step 4: Next, you have to enter your username and then click on the “Continue” button. After this, the registration process will be completed, and you will be able to start trading.

However, to have a smoother and more convenient transaction, you must update your account information. To do this, click on the “Settings” tab, then select “Profile” and update your account information.



How to trade with Fiat Wallet on Remitano From Singapore?


With the introduction of Fiat Wallet, Remitano allows you to trade instantly on its platform, providing its users a seamless trading experience.


  1. How to buy with Fiat Wallet on Remitano?

i) Login to your Remitano account and click on the “Buy Now” button from the “Buy Now/Sell Now” option and enter the amount you want to buy.

ii) Next, you have to click on the Buy via Remitano Wallet option.

iii) You will get to see the trade confirmation and if you agree with it, click on the “Yes” button.

iv) If you have sufficient balance in your “Fiat Wallet” then, your trade will automatically be completed.


  1. How to sell with Fiat Wallet on Remitano?

i) Login to your Remitano account and click on the “Sell Now” button from the “Buy Now/Sell Now” option.

ii) Fill in the amount you want to sell, and then select the “via Remitano Wallet” option. Now click on the “Sell” button.

iii) This will show you trade confirmation and if you agree with it, click on the “Yes” button.

iv) After this, the trade will be automatically completed, and the payments will be transferred to your “Fiat Wallet”.


If you want to withdraw the fiat wallet balance to your bank, you have to click on the “withdraw” option and follow the instructions.

Free quently asked questions

1Is Remitano Cryptocurrency Exchange in Singapore secured?

Remitano gives a great emphasis on securing the investments of its customers and hence has built a storage policy to adhere to the Cryptocurrency Security Standard (CCSS). Also, the company has partnered with world-class security firms to provide a very high level of security around its servers which allows them to manage DDoS attacks as well as application-layer attacks.

2How long does it take for Remitano to process my withdrawals?

The withdrawal requests of your coins are usually processed instantly once you have entered the required details and confirmed the request.

3Are there any fees on Remitano for swap orders?

Yes, Remitano charges an exchange fee of 0.25%, which will be deducted from the estimated value when you open a SWAP order.