Why KPMG is one of the Big Four in Singapore

The professional services sector can be exciting and rewarding. It is known for attracting some of the best talents across various industries, and it also has the ability to offer unparalleled career development opportunities. 


Laying the Groundwork for the Right Values

KPMG is one of the more prominent professional services firms in the world providing specialised multi-disciplined  audit, tax, and advisory services. The firm has built its business through helping other companies mitigate risks and grasp opportunities, to drive positive and sustainable change for not only its clients, but also for people and society as a whole. Starting from rather humble beginnings, KPMG’s growth and established reputation today can be attributed to its commitment to service excellence as well as a passion for client success.


KPMG’s four founding fathers, Piet Klynveld, William Barclay Peat, James Marwick, Reinhard Goerdeler, – whose initials of their last names gave rise to the acronym ‘KPMG’ – were at the forefront of the industrial revolution of the late eighteenth and nineteenth century that helped transform accounting into a profession. Between the early and late 1900’s, the four pioneers of the industry quickly rose through the ranks and joined forces to create the professional services firm we know today as KPMG. Its growth only continued from there, as the firm expanded into emerging markets where it helped to generate economic growth and rebuild economies.


The KPMG network now operates in 144 countries and territories all over the globe including some of the world’s largest financial centres, such as Singapore


KPMG as a Big 4 Professional Services Firm in Singapore

KPMG is known as one of the Big Four firms providing professional services in Singapore. The term ‘Big Four’ is given to the four largest professional services firms in the world, as measured by revenue. In 2021, KPMG generated a total revenue of approximately US$32 billion dollars. Each with their own areas of expertise and experience, they typically offer services such as audit, accounting, tax, advisory, and consulting services for the vast majority of Fortune 500 companies


Catering to the needs of its clients, KPMG in Singapore’s responsibility is to aid companies in tiding through the changing markets, industries, and regulations. On the surface, KPMG in Singapore may seem like a firm that mainly offers accounting solutions, but if you dive deeper, you will find a slew of tailored professional services in a multitude of industries like healthcare, government, real estate, as well as energy and natural resources. 



KPMG in Singapore leverages the power of evolving transformational technologies that have the ability to reshape the audit process to deliver quality audits and fresh insights. Its relentless focus on innovation further delivers efficiency and drives its ambition to be the most trusted professional services firm in Singapore and beyond. 


Professional services firms will need to constantly improve to meet the evolving needs and changing expectations of businesses, the capital markets, and society. Through industry discussions with stakeholders, KPMG in Singapore is able to shape valuable insights that are forward-looking and future-ready. This ensures that the firm has the ability, resources, and tools to provide its clients with the audit experience that best serves their business objectives.


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Apart from audit, KPMG in Singapore also offers tax services across a range of areas. To help clients gain a clear and defendable advantage, the firm takes into account big picture trends shaping the future of tax, global competition, and knowledge shared between tax jurisdictions. Professional services firms have to operate as industry leaders that are able to adapt to shifts in the tax and business landscape effectively. This means giving clients the best solutions that protect their business, boost performance, and drive digital transformation to take the complexities of tax reforms and regulatory changes out of their business processes.


Firms with a vast global network, such as KPMG in Singapore, will also be able to tap on their full spectrum of resources worldwide to deliver modern tax services and data-driven solutions that are tailored to the specific needs of companies in all parts of the world. 


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As a professional services firm with advisory capabilities, KPMG in Singapore can also help companies operate their business seamlessly. Heading a business involves a series of decision-making, problem-solving, and risk-taking activities. KPMG Advisory professionals leverage the knowledge and skills across KPMG’s global network of firms to develop recommendations that are designed to help businesses navigate the complexities of today’s rapidly changing marketplace. This ensures that businesses are equipped with the tools they need to become more agile and resilient to overcome a multitude of threats in a high-risk environment. 


In addition, KPMG in Singapore also provides deal advisory through its team of specialists who support businesses in driving value throughout their transformation and transaction lifecycle. Whether it’s for developing business strategies or for raising funds, KPMG in Singapore is able to assist businesses in navigating an otherwise complex process to plan and implement strategic changes that are future-ready.


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Industry Focus

KPMG in Singapore prides itself on being industry-focused. With years of experience and expertise, it provides a wide range of solutions catered to each business’s needs no matter what industry they are in. Apart from offering its clients a different line of thinking to meet industry-specific challenges, KPMG in Singapore also provides forward-thinking insights, solutions services that can help businesses to achieve potential growth. The global business community is ever-evolving and organisations need to protect themselves with an informed perspective and progressive strategies that can give them a competitive advantage. 


As a leading professional services firm, KPMG in Singapore caters to a variety of industries including healthcare, technology, real estate, media, and infrastructure. Its network of experienced professionals understand the importance of customised solutions to drive business capabilities and growth, which is why they keep abreast of the current trends across industries to provide businesses with innovative services that will push them into becoming market leaders of tomorrow.


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